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Domain mapping

Allows multiple domains to map to your blog

#1 lets blogs be created on multiple domains, like myblog.yourpress.com and myblog.ourpress.com

#2 runs full domains off the same WordPress installation, like myblog.com and yourblog.com

#3 does the same as #2, but also supports cnames (so if your main site's IP ever changes, your users don't have to update DNS records) but is a little harder to setup and maintain 

1. WPMU DEV multi-domain

Supports WPMU DEV domain mapping

2. WPMU DEV domain mapping

Map domains to your blog

Works with subdomain or subdirectory single or multisites

Single sign-on between custom and main domains with cross-domain cookies

Supporter extension allows domain mapping only to upgraded or paying members

Admin > Options

"Make this functionality only available to Supporters"  Yes / No