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Offer paying users premium benefits.

WPMU DEV supporter

Create your own blog network with upgrades, like WordPress.com or Edublogs.org, offering your users premium themes, premium plugins, extra storage, advertising, domain mapping and more.

Create your own profitable blog network, like Edublogs.org or WordPress.com.

Let users upgrade their blogs and acdcess features like premium themes, plugins, extra storage, domain mapping or removing advertising.

You can charge monthly, multi-monthly or annually and set up subscriptions through PayPal and Amazon with more gateways coming shortly.

And it works too! We know because we developed it for the oldest and one of the most successful WPMU sites on the web - Edublogs - and it's working great there.

So what does this plugin do exactly?

Well, essentially it allows you to offer and charge for premium features or use of your WPMU or BuddyPress site - collecting either subscriptions or single payments in return.

The features you can offer your users include:

Premium themes

Users have an extra menu item under Appearance, namely ‘Premium Themes’ (they’ll also see it under their new ‘Supporter’ menu).

Under this menu they will be able to see a whole heap of gorgeous themes.

They’ll be able to preview how their blog would look with each lovely theme.

But they’ll only be able to actually use them if they sign up.

Premium Plugins

And we didn’t just stop at themes… we decided to do the same for plugins too!

As site admin it’s now completely simple for you to make Plugins ‘Supporter only’ – and even allow for some plugins to be free, and others to be only for Supporters.

Just select from the plugins you have installed on your site, choose which ones you want to be ‘Premium’ and voila!

Your users can now pay for functionality as well as themes.

BuddyPress Integration

Essentially Supporter 2.0 limits two core BuddyPress functions to paid up members only, namely the creation of groups and the sending of messages.

So, users can sign up, participate in groups, and generally enjoy your own site but if they want to start their own groups or message other users (a bit liked Linked In :) then they have to cough up.

And we’re happy to build in more BuddyPress upgrade features too – just become a WPMU DEV Premium member and request them at the forums!

Subscribe at sign up

How do you get your users to become Supporters when they sign up? Well, we’ve built in for you… and we’ve even given you two options.

First up you can just display a checkbox asking people if they fancy it (pre-ticked of course!).

Or, alternatively, you can send people to a whole new sign up form – which will default them into signing up.

If the users says they are interested, or fills in the signup form, they will then – after signing up – be presented with a payment page where you can also drop in lots of persuasive content as to why they should sign up.

Hopefully they’ll pay.

But, if they choose not to, you haven’t lost them forever… there’s a little link at the bottom of the page that lets them carry on with a free blog if they wish.

And this is also integrated into BuddyPress:

Amazon as well as PayPal

We’re huge fans of PayPal here… but we understand that that’s not how everyone feels :)

So, we’ve integrated Amazon as a payment gateway here too!

You can select to offer your users either option, or both, and if they select Amazon they can simply pay (single payment or subscription) with their registered Amazon payment system… like their credit card.

Amazon would also seem to take a slightly lower commission than PayPal… but I don’t want to get into that.

And that's not all by any means...

If we were to go on and on about every feature in this plugin we'd never stop - so here's a brief overview of just some of the other features you'll find in Supporter:
  • You can rename Supporter to whatever you want… for example, ‘Pro’ or ‘Plus’ or ‘Premium’ :)
  • A fancy payment screen that points out how much people save if they subscribe for longer periods
  • Stunningly gorgeous reporting graphs and pie charts so you can track how your subscriptions are going
  • Brilliant and powerful individual blog modification tools
  • Increase storage space for paid up supporters
  • Bulk upgrades so that you can offer batches at a heavy discount - very popular at Edublogs!
  • Tab positioning right up the page (so it becomes more prominent)
  • Google Analytics for Supporters integration (supporters can get analytics if they sign up)
  • ‘Turn off Ads’ facility so you can display ads which are automatically turned off for supporters
  • Ability for supporters to turn off ads *and* turn on Premium themes (if you choose) on other blogs (for example - a teacher for students)
  • If you wish, disable the "Write Post" and "Write Page" pages on non-supporter blogs (i.e. you must be a supporter to blog)
  • Limit remote publishing through XML-RPC or Atom to current supporters only!
  • A nice widget badge people can have if they are a supporter, to show their friends :)
  • A global widget that you can use on the front page of your site to display an 'honor roll' of supporters of your site
  • Allows you to provide a free trial period of supporter features to new blogs
  • Sandpit option for you to test out PayPal and Amazon payments
  • Ability to customize (html ok) all the messages that appear around the site describing supporter and asking users to become supporters

And of course we're improving this all the time... so feel free to drop by the forums any time to request extra features!

And, finally, Supporter integrates seamlessly with many other plugins around WPMU DEV Premium, here are just a few:
  • Domain Mapping [limit to supporters only]
  • Create and manage forums [limit to supporters only]
  • Automatically insert advertising that can be turned off by Supporters